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Witchyrita's Route 39 Sales Cart

Well well, if this isn't the worst Sales Banner ever XD I just randomly scribbled it in a few minutes so please never mind it.

Sales Policies:
- I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11
- Payment only via PayPal
-  All shipped items are international, so no need to ask for the shipping fees.^^ I ship daily, but not on sundays, as german post offices are closed on sundays.
- All the plushies have their hang-tags they are detached though!(with few exceptions where they re still attached.)

- Preferably I'd refrain from dealing with people who have negative feedback :( Sorry but I don't like taking risks.
- I don't hold items longer than 24 hours unless clearly asked to do so.
- Considering the condition the plushies are in, none of em are dusty, dirty or smelly, as they are kept in display cases at all times, except when I take photos of em.
- There will be additional paypal fees for orders over 50$. (You can basically calculate em yourself with a paypal calculator, if you don't trust me.^^)
- Claims don't have priority for me, I'm going for the order people have shown their interest in for a particular item.

Link to my feedback thread: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/GSC_Fanboy/
Any feedback left, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for looking<3

2013 Substitute Plushie Large Size Version MWT 35$ shipped

Torchic Secret Base Pokedoll japanese version 20$ shipped

Jumpluff Chiku Chiku Sewing Mascot 15$ shipped

MWT Treecko Walky Mascot, with all charms 25$ shipped

Milotic PokeTime Headphonecord Strap charm 26$ shipped

Skitty PokeTime Phone Strap 16$ shipped

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